Valve & Automation

Wolseley Industrial Group is the total solution for manual and automated valves. For projects of all sizes, our experienced technicians, cutting edge automation facilities, extensive inventory, and high-quality standards allow us to quickly meet requirements and provide exceptional service.

We offer a comprehensive actuation for almost any application
Electric | Pneumatic | Hydraulic | Quarter Turn | Multi Turn | Linear | Electro-hydraulic

On / Off | Control | ESD | Block | Diverting |  SIL Rated

Our expert associates provide valuable technical consultation and troubleshooting in product specification development, design, engineering, assembly and testing.

Our supply chain management and quality program deliver peace of mind to customers using our comprehensive list of approved product manufacturers that conform to industry standards and meet our quality requirements.

Accredited and certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. We are consistently operating to our high-quality standards ensuring all our valve assemblies are documented, photographed and tagged with its own serial number stored in our central database.

We anticipate customer needs and deliver solutions quickly using our nationwide network of locations and valve automation centers.

Automation Center locations in North America

wig valve automation locations

Read a quick interview from Jim Sullivan, Wolseley Industrial Group Director of PVF Development about our Valve & Automation business.

Q: How important is quality assurance to Valve & Automation?

A: Malfunctioning valves can cause a host of issues for a plant, from an unscheduled facility shut-down to fires or workplace accidents. Plants can face lawsuits, fines and public perception issues when a malfunction or operational error occurs, so quality assurance (QA) is extremely important to our company and customers. Wolseley Industrial Group has a best-in-class QA program, and we have the opportunity to provide peace-of-mind to our customers through our inspection, assessment and audit processes.

In 2014, Wolseley Industrial Group formed a team of associates to focus on valve quality assurance. The team developed a valve supplier questionnaire that requires our manufacturers to provide information about their products including the country of origin and common specifications their products meet.

Our Approved Manufacturers List (AML) is constantly updated, and we only allow valve manufacturers on our AML if they’ve been properly vetted.

Q: What is an emerging trend in Valve & Automation today?

A: Valve & Automation continues to evolve with new products and technologies. One example is the new API 624 specification that was written to reduce fugitive emissions for gate valves and globe valves. Some emission studies at plants have shown valves to be the primary source for fugitive emissions. According to these studies, 80 percent of valve emissions result from valve packing chambers. API 624 will require cast steel and forged steel valve manufacturers to utilize new graphite packing technologies to reduce those emissions. Manufacturers will need to comply and meet new testing standards. Oil refineries and chemical plants will require compliance to API 624 in the very near future. Wolseley Industrial Group will convert our inventory to meet this new API 624 standard as product becomes available in 2015 from our manufacturers.

Q: Why do our customers choose Wolseley Industrial Group for their Valve & Automation products and services?

A: Industrial customers are concerned about downtime and want high quality products they can trust. Our customers choose Wolseley Industrial Group for their Valve & Automation products and services for many reasons:

  • Our QA program ensures they’re getting products from trusted manufacturers.
  • Our customers appreciate that we can help them solve problems and meet their delivery requirements.
  • Our national footprint allows us to service and provide technical support to multiple customer locations.
  • Some of our competitors only offer valve and automation products. We have a broader scope of products to better support plants and reduce their vendor base.
  • Many of our manufacturers and customers tell us that we have the best people they have ever worked with. We have known for many years that our associates make the difference.