Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Wolseley Industrial Group’s Integrated Services provides a guaranteed competitive advantage for our customers. As one of the original pioneers in integrated supply, our programs offer the most flexible, comprehensive and innovative MRO supply chain management solutions available. We utilize the strength of our existing customer relationships, our ability to continually drive efficiency improvements and total cost of ownership reductions across all levels of the supply chain. Key components of these services include:

Procurement Services

Generating and documenting meaningful cost savings opportunities is the cornerstone of a successful industrial MRO supply program. We focus is on reducing our customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO). Our structured approach to procurement services allows us to reduce cost in the following ways:

  • Unit price reduction
  • Project-based savings
  • Lean initiatives
  • Administrative process savings

Wolseley Industrial Group’s procurement process is manufacturer- neutral and brand-neutral. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with the highest quality product at the lowest possible landed price. Working directly with our strategic sourcing team, we collect and analyze data to successfully develop commodity-driven programs to produce year-over-year cost savings and continuous improvement projects.

As one of the world’s largest industrial distributors, we procure more than 80% of our customer product requirements direct from the manufacturer. Our key strength is leveraging our size and scale to establish discount pricing structures and cost savings for our customers.

  • Focused savings realization
  • Data aggregation analysis
  • Supply base rationalization
  • Leverage purchase power
  • Direct manufacturer relationships
  • Negotiated contractual pricing
  • Reduce transaction cost
  • Spot buys/One-time buys
  • Emergency procurement
  • Replenishment
  • Speed to response
  • Service focus
  • Supports sourcing plan
  • Superior expediting
  • Vendor qualification
  • Market intelligence
  • Forecasting
  • Trend analysis
  • Spend and source compliance
  • Supplier performance management
  • Standardize items

Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization is the process Wolseley Industrial Group provides our customers to reduce investment in inventory and increase item availability. We ensure its customers have the product they need, when they need it, while eliminating excess and obsolete inventory.

This process starts with data acquisition and cleansing, and progresses with standardization and inventory disposition planning, providing a unique item plan for each individual part.

LEAN process for inventory optimization:

  • Formula for LEAN operations = Strict adherence to predefined processes. Wolseley Industrial Group understands the importance of increasing productivity through the introduction of process efficiencies. Essential to continuous improvement is the ability to clearly document and communicate “as-is” and “ideal state” process flows, allowing us to identify and remove redundancies while standardizing the overall process.

Supported by data:

  • Inventory is optimized through the data collection process and a focus on continuous improvement. Our proprietary inventory management system, ASP, captures transactional and procurement data for each SKU, providing actionable data which leads to meaningful cost savings results.

Inventory Optimization

Replenishment Control and Materials Distribution

To avoid shortages and costly shutdowns, we have the capability to maintain stock for quick turnarounds regardless of systems used such as kanban, barcoding or automated dispensing. Our replenishment teams efficiently plan and manage reorder points, track product warehouse activity and reduce obsolete inventory.

Information Management and Reporting

Reporting and information management is critical to a successful integrated supply program. Wolseley Industrial Group’s Integrated Services devotes significant resources to offering accurate reporting. We have a standard set of reports and key performance indicators that are applicable for most programs.

In addition to our extensive offering of standard reports, our in-house programmers can develop reports to meet specific user requirements. These reports are accessible through the web and can be delivered real-time in a variety of formats, including print ready PDF or exported Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

Total Cost of Ownership

As a full-service supplier, our relationship with the customer is a true partnership. We are committed to reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) with tailored access to some of the best cost reduction and support services through our quality people, quality processes, and quality systems

We are driven to provide a holistic approach to customer cost savings that looks at the overall TCO for our customers by analyzing the factors effecting the purchase price as well as examining the TCO related to managing the planning, execution, control, and measurement of the overall supply chain process to support any given product or product category

Key focus areas:

  • Procurement – Through the application of strategic and tactical processes, we focus on delivering year-over-year cost reductions focused on purchase price variance and total cost reductions within the order to cash process for our customers.
  • De-layer the supply chain – Our goal is to de-layer the supply chain and leverage our market-leading position in the distribution industry, allowing us to directly source material from the manufacturer for our customers.
  • Product standardization – We promote and drive standardization programs across multiple product categories (Safety, Cuttings Tools, Valves, etc.) resulting in the customer receiving better pricing and SKU standardization across all locations.
  • Inventory asset management –  Through our custom developed inventory management application (ASP) and quality processes we are able to drive improved inventory controls, reduce on-hand inventory investments, and reduce consumption levels for our customers.
  • Technology –  We utilize our proprietary supply chain resource planning application (ASP) to manage our customers’ indirect MRO spend. This scalable solution can directly link to our customers’ ERP platform to drive efficiency, compliance, and reduce down time.  ASP can link your storeroom operations, vending solutions and maintenance operations to drive cost savings.
  • Administrative streamlining – Administrative costs can be significantly improved through automation (dispensing), consolidation (standardization), and reducing the frequency of tasks and process by utilizing the functionality within ASP.
  • Warranty and repair – Management of our customers’ warranties and repairs can be managed through our proprietary ASP system which includes serialization and lot-control features combined with our OEM to OPM capabilities to drive warranty compliance and cost reductions.
  • Labor – Through our quality people, quality processes, and quality systems we efficiently and effectively manage labor costs to reduce your indirect material support costs.
  • Logistics – We provide solutions to drive down your TCO by becoming embedded on-site for storeroom management, providing automated inventory access locations (dispensing), or third-party logistics (3PL) services through our vast infrastructure.
  • Continuous process improvement – We strive to drive the TCO down through improved processes and the application and deployment of the Total Acquisition Program (TAP). By utilizing our internal resources and supply base, we continuously mobilize technically-driven solutions throughout each of our customers’ facilities.

Cost Savings

Total Acquisition Program (TAP)

The Total Acquisition Program (TAP) is part of our Automated Supply Program* (ASP) system. TAP is a single customer facing system solution that allows us to electronically manage customer orders and route the orders to the appropriate servicing location.

The program benefits our customers by:

  1. Vendor consolidation
    Only one vendor is required to access our vast product offering.
  2. Simplified accounting process
    Creates one consolidated invoice to the customer.
  3.  Integrated supply chain management
    A single system for electronic requisitions and crib management with select key partners and joint venture opportunities

*ASP is a supply chain inventory management solution created and maintained by our Supply Chain Services team.