Pipe, Valves and Fittings (PVF)

Wolseley Industrial Group is the leading North American supplier of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF). We supply an extensive range of industrial markets with broad PVF requirements. We have achieved exclusive, master or preferred distributor status with manufacturers recognized for high quality products. We maintain industry leading inventory of both commodity and specific application valves in a variety of sizes, materials and pressure classes. Wolseley Industrial Group supplies quality products from quality manufacturers.

Valve Types

Automation typed
Ball valves – soft seated, metal seated and severe service
Butterfly valves – resilient seat, high performance double and triple offset and PTFE lined
Control valves
Control check valves
Double block and bleed valves
Expanded gate valves
Gate globe and check valves
Knife gate valves
Pig valves
Pinch valves
Plug valves – lubricated and lined
Pulse dampened check valves
Regulating safety relief valves
Silent check valves
Slab gate valves

Automation Types

Control accessories

PVF Material Types

Carbon steel
Copper nickel
Cast iron
Ductile iron
Forged steel
Malleable iron
Stainless steel

Engineered Products

  • Wolseley Industrial Group offers the leading names in engineered products:
    • LACT unit skids
    • Pipeline metering skids
    • Full product loading lanes
    • Loading and offloading skids
    • Blending skids
    • Additive pump and metering skids
  • HDPE – Total solution for all high density polyethylene.
  • Fabrication, equipment purchase and rental, and CAD design assistance.
  • Teflon lined steel pipe and fittings, lined expansion joints for acids and caustics.
  • ¼” to 3” carbon and stainless steel fittings for high pressures and temperatures.
  • 100% leak tight joints replaces need for welding.

HDPE Fabrication, Fusion and Rental Services

As a national leader in wholesale distribution, Wolseley Industrial Group provides our customers with a total solution for all high density polyethylene projects (HDPE). With the nation’s largest fleet of fusion equipment, we are strategically positioned to support our customers with rental and purchase options across our nationwide network.


Wolseley Industrial Group offers CAD design assistance and can build virtually
anythingfrom polyethylene. Our experienced team of HDPE specialists
offers professional guidance and support at your convenience.

HDPE turn-key solutions:

  • Custom HDPE fabrication (up to 120 in.)
  • Application consultation and problem resolution
  • Application consultation, installation training and education
  • Project management services
  • CAD design
  • Fusion support for buried or surface installation
  • Certification of HDPE welds upon request
  • Fusion equipment rental, technician support and maintenance
  • Abrasive reduction solutions
  • Acid dilution
  • Holding tanks
  • Manholes
  • Splitting chambers
  • Unique applications

Find out more at www.hdpe.com

Product Application

Acid gas/tail gas
Autoclave technology
Back pressure valves
Closed vent sampling
Control chokes
HF alky
High pressure steam and hot water
High temperature/abrasive
Injection of saltwater/CO2/acid gas
Large diameter pipeline valves
Molten sulfur
Pump and compressor discharge
Pipeline pigging